It starts with plants.

At the Moving Feast Farm, we don’t just want to do the minimum to get our animals into product form. Our goal is to give them the best nourishment and care we can, and that means we don’t just grow meat – first, we have to grow plants.

Dillon, the brains and brawn behind Moving Feast Farm, heads out to the pasture every morning to move the animals. Conventional farming leaves animals in one place, where their grazing and manure degrades the land over time and leaves them vulnerable to parasites and disease. Farmers then have to respond with routine dewormers and antibiotics. Instead, Dillon uses portable shelters and fencing to give the animals constant fresh ground. Cows and sheep are moved every few days, pigs as needed, and meat chickens every single day. It’s a lot of work! But this careful management mimics how animals used to graze in the wild or under the care of nomadic herders. It gives the land what it needs to thrive, which gives the animals what they need to thrive. And that high quality meat, full of nutrition and flavor, gives you what you need to thrive too.

To read more about our animal husbandry, check out Our Standards. Or scroll down to get shopping!

Okay, now how do I get my meat?

Shipping Boxes

Choose from our menu of curated boxes that can be shipped right to your door. Yes, really! Click on the “Start Shopping” tab on the top menu to take a look.

Farm Store Pickup

Order online, then come get your purchase directly from our farm. During checkout, choose “Farm Store Pickup.” We’ll pack up your order the next business day. Check your email for instructions on picking up your order.

Delivery Drops

We bring orders to our Delivery Drop locations every two weeks on Saturdays. During checkout, select the drop spot closest to you, and we will contact you via email. Don’t see one near you? Request a new drop spot by emailing us at

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