What is a Pickup Friend?

A Pickup Friend is just someone who picks up her friends’ orders from the farm store as well as her own. It saves you time and gas and gives you the flexibility you might not have when using one of our Delivery Drops. Because this is so helpful to us and our customers, we’ve created a reward system to thank our Pickup Friends (and to encourage you to jump in and become a Pickup Friend too!). As a Pickup Friend, the more friends who order with you, the more you save on your own purchase.

How friend pickup works

Register as a Pickup Friend

Let us know you want to be a Pickup Friend by sending us an email at farmstore@movingfeastfarm.com. Your name will be listed as a pickup option for people when they checkout.

Talk to your friends

Round up your real food buddies! Your friends select your name during checkout and communicate directly with you about picking up their orders. We will not contact your friends for you, and we won’t give out your information to anyone.

Pick it up!

We prepare your friends’ orders for pickup and have them ready for your scheduled arrival. Your order for that trip will receive a discount based on the chart below.

What’s in it for you?

When the total dollar amount for your friends’ orders reaches the following figures, you’ll receive the corresponding discount on your personal order. This discount will apply to your order up to $350. (You can order more! The rest will just be our normal price.) You receive these discounts per trip.

10% discount for $300 - $599 pickups

15% discount for $600 - $999 pickups

20% discount for $1,000 - $1,499 pickups

25% discount for $1,500 - $1,999 pickups

30% discount for $2,000+ pickups

Here’s an example: You got together several friends and their combined orders totaled over $600. Your personal order for that trip is $350, but as a Pickup Friend, you pay only $280. And you and your friends can do that as many times as you like, whenever you want. You’ll earn a discount each trip, your friends won’t have to drive anywhere, and you’ll all get your hands on quality meat. Everyone wins!