Tired of wondering how your meat was produced?

At the Moving Feast Farm, our animal conditions aren’t a dark secret—they’re our pride and joy. Given half a chance, we’ll talk your ears off about the land-healing, life-giving agriculture we’re practicing and what we still aspire to.


All the beef products currently in our store are 100% grassfed beef, from Longhorn-mix cows born right here on the farm. They’re never given shots, drugs, or hormones, and none of them have seen the inside of a barn. We just let them enjoy being cows, doing what cows do best—grazing! In the winter or a deep summer drought, when the pasture’s grass can’t support them, we feed them hay purchased from neighboring farms.

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Pigs are omnivores. Like us, they thrive on a diet that includes a large amount of leafy plants and also plenty of protein, so that’s what we provide them. From the time they’re brought to the farm as piglets, they live out on pasture in large pens that always have plenty of fresh grass and other plants, with access to a peanut-based feed. But the pigs’ favorite activity is rooting through the soft soil with their perfectly specialized dirt-moving noses, eagerly searching for roots, nuts, and even bugs, just like their wild cousins do. They do so well in this natural habitat that we don’t even need to think about shots, drugs, or hormones, and they enjoy naps in the sunshine every afternoon.

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We raise all our poultry out on pasture from the time they’re big enough to navigate the thick grass. Meat chickens, layer hens, ducks, and turkeys share a large moveable paddock with sheep and cows. They explore grass and brush all day, eagerly pecking up bugs and getting their fill of fresh green plants. We give our poultry a natural peanut-based supplementary feed, and Dillon designed a special feeder that allows them to access it while keeping out sheep and cows, which we keep strictly grassfed.

Like our other animals, we raise our poultry without any antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals. Instead, we frequently rotate them to fresh ground and let them thrive on the pasture.

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Still curious?

Please feel free to reach out to us at farmstore@movingfeastfarm.com. We’ll be happy to answer any more questions you may have. If you’d like to see the farm, ask to schedule a tour. No secrets here!