Grassfed Beef Snack Sticks

Grassfed Beef Snack Sticks

7 sticks / 8 oz

What you’re getting

7 ready-to-eat beef snack sticks

Approx. 8 oz

Fully cooked. Frozen.

Perfect protein

Protein bars are fine and all, but a bunch of raw grains and whey powder held together by brown rice syrup can’t compare to the nutrient punch of straight-up grassfed beef. Keep your cheese drawer stocked with a package or two of these lean, ultra-meaty jerky sticks so you always have a high quality protein ready to pair with muffins or fruit. They’ll fuel growing teenagers, keep you going through newborn nursing sessions, and add a boost of happiness and nutrition to your husband’s lunch box.


How we raise our cows

Raising good beef is an art, but it revolves around two very simple things: cows and grass. We’re always working to ensure our cows have plenty of good grazing, and other than that, we get out of the way! No shots, pills, or barns. When it’s time to harvest them, we send them to a local, state-inspected butcher for processing. For more information about our farm’s practices, check out Our Standards.


Beef, seasoning (salt, sugar, spices including paprika and garlic powder), celery juice powder (cultured celery powder, sea salt, silicon dioxide [anti-caking]). Collagen casing.