Chicken Broth Bones

Chicken Broth Bones

Makes 1-2 gallons
$2.00 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

What you’re getting

Bones from pastured chickens. May include backs, necks, wing tips, and cleaned and skinned feet. Approximately 2.8 - 4.3lbs

Raw. Frozen. Keep frozen or refrigerated.

Liquid gold

You can’t look into nutrition for longer than five minutes without starting to hear about the almost-magical benefits of bone broth. Rich, steamy, irreplaceable chicken broth isn’t just good for your soul, it’s nurturing your body as well. Like butter, it’s one of those ancient, nourishing foods that’s so delicious and right, we’ll keep consuming it even if we haven’t yet learned it’s good for us.

How to use

To turn these bones into broth, simply place them in a large pot and cover with water. If you’d like, you can also include a splash of apple cider vinegar, onions, celery, carrots, garlic, and herbs. Then, simmer for 12-24 hours, pour through a fine strainer, cool, and refrigerate. It really is that simple, but if you’d like a more in-depth guide, you can start here.


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How we raise our chickens

Chickens have a superpower: turning weeds and bugs into delicious, nutritious meat. We rotate our birds frequently to fresh ground, where they excitedly chase bugs and strip plants down to the stem. We also offer them a natural peanut-meal based feed mix and, of course, never give them antibiotics or any other pharmaceuticals. For more information about our farm’s practices, check out Our Standards.