1lb Grassfed Ground Beef

1lb Grassfed Ground Beef

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What you’re getting

1 lb grassfed ground beef.

Raw. Frozen. Keep frozen or refrigerated.

The pasture difference

You’re probably here because you’ve heard all about the health benefits of grassfed beef. Or maybe it’s the sustainability or the humane animal care, or you want your beef to heal the earth instead of degrade it. But you’ve probably also heard that grassfed beef can by tough and dry. It’s true that you have to cook a grassfed steak with care, but ground beef? That’s about as easy-going as it gets. If you’re looking for ultra-nourishing meat that can go from package to plate with very little time or effort, you’re in the right place. All those other benefits are just icing on the cake!

Cooking tips

There almost as many quick-and-delicious ways to cook ground beef as there are blades of grass in a field. Start by either thawing the package in the fridge or in hot water. If you’re rushed, you can use hot water to loosen the packaging and then put the frozen meat directly in to a skillet with a little water and a tight-fitting lid. However you get there, cook and break up the meat until it’s crumbled and nicely browned. Then use it for your favorite tacos, casseroles, soups, and sloppy joes—or, my personal favorite, mix it into pan-fried potatoes for an unbelievably good breakfast that will keep you going strong until lunch.


How we raise our cows

Raising good beef is an art, but it revolves around two very simple things: cows and grass. We’re always working to ensure our cows have plenty of good grazing, and other than that, we get out of the way! No shots, pills, or barns. When it’s time to harvest them, we send them to a local, state-inspected butcher for processing. For more information about our farm’s practices, check out Our Standards.