Chicken Breast Stir-fry Bites

Chicken Breast Stir-fry Bites

1 lb

What you’re getting

Bite-size pieces of boneless, skinless chicken breast from pasture-raised chickens.

1 lb.

Raw. Frozen. Keep frozen or refrigerated.

Cooking tips

So many of the best recipes, from pasta to casseroles to curries and, of course, stir-fries, call for chicken breasts cut into bite-sized pieces. But thawing and cutting that chicken, plus cleaning and disinfecting your cutting board, knife, countertop, and hands, adds a huge hassle to the cooking process. So we decided to solve that problem for you by providing this ready-to-go, pre-cut chicken breast.

Thaw the package in hot water or in the fridge, use a paper towel to absorb excess liquid if needed, then use in your usual recipes or sautee in butter with salt and garlic until just done.


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How we raise our chickens

Chickens have a superpower: turning weeds and bugs into delicious, nutritious meat. We give our birds fresh ground every day, where they excitedly chase bugs and strip all the plants down to the stem. We also offer them a non-GMO, peanut-meal based feed mix and, of course, never give them antibiotics or any other pharmaceuticals. For more information about our farm’s practices, check out Our Standards.