Whole Chicken

Whole Chicken

Approx. 4.5 - 6 lb
$5.00 /lb.
Avg. 4.5 lb.

What you’re getting

Whole, pasture-raised chicken without giblets.

Approx. 4.5 - 6 lb.

Raw. Frozen. Keep frozen or refrigerated.

Cooking tips

The humble whole chicken. Juicy dark meat, tender white meat, crispy skin—not to mention the beautiful bones you’ll have to make your own nutrient-rich bone broth. You can roast it, simmer it, grill it, fry it, smoke it; you can make chicken salad, casseroles, tacos, soups, pastas, wraps—if you have a whole chicken, you have endless possibilities. Here’s a start: thaw the chicken in the refrigerator, then pat dry with paper towels and rub generously with salt and pepper. Leave uncovered in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours. Then let it come to room temperature, stuff the inside with lemon halves, garlic cloves, and herbs, and roast at 400 degrees. Start checking the internal temperature of the thigh at about 1.5 hours, looking for barely below 165 degrees. Once done, let rest uncovered for about 10 minutes before serving.


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How we raise our chickens

Chickens have a superpower: turning weeds and bugs into delicious, nutritious meat. We rotate our birds frequently to fresh ground, where they excitedly chase bugs and strip plants down to the stem. We also offer them a natural peanut-meal based feed mix and, of course, never give them antibiotics or any other pharmaceuticals. For more information about our farm’s practices, check out Our Standards.